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The Future Of Boating


We want to make boating easy In the frugal world of tomorrow, we will have to do more with less. We will no more acquire a boat to use it a few days per year. We will not let boats get spoiled in marinas and harbors. We will have no need for fairing or "antifouling". The land mobility of the iguanas makes our boats infinitely more flexible and usable at any time. No need to take your car to go to the marina to get your boat. Parked in the garden, the iguana is always available, ready to be put in the water, to go for a ride, to go to an appointment or for a swim. We chose experience over ownership In the future we will go even further by developing real rental-sharing bases which will allow occasional boaters to have a boat during the few weeks they will be present. Make motor boating a simple, accessible, easy and consistent activity with the feeling of freedom that boating provides. This is the Iguana Yachts vision.


We already see the benefits of our land mobility system In a world where resources are limited and global warming is threatening, we need to go further. Our boats already make it possible to avoid the construction of heavy destructive infrastructure on the coast. No more ports required. There is no longer any need for these assemblies of boats in gigantic marinas in which they remain motionless all year long and gradually diffuse toxic substances into the water. Thanks to the integration of land mobility which makes them amphibious and allows them to park in a collective or private parking lot like a simple car, our boats are already among the most virtuous motor boats on the planet. We work towards full-electric boats In the future our boats will be electric. They are already on the ground (thanks to a lithium battery and electric motors located in the tracks). Tomorrow they will also be electric at sea thanks to the addition of a new propulsion system. We will unveil the first characteristics this winter 2020. For Iguana Yachts this is not a new adventure because we already have the energy required on board and a Research Unit accustomed to facing this type of challenge. This is just the natural extension of our efforts to make our motorboats the most environmentally friendly in every sense of the word. This is the Iguana Yachts vision.


We offer the safest experience Security is more than ever a critical issue. More and more people want to experience and enjoy the pleasures of navigation. But the sea is not safe. Dangers lie ahead. Bad weather (hurricanes, storms, floods, etc.) are increasing. What could be better than an Iguana to secure the navigation of a beginner boater by facilitating the landing and the launching of the boat when the wind picks up and the waves get nasty. What could be better than an Iguana equipped with a real boarding staircase and an electronic piloting system connected to the network to practice a safe pleasure within the reach of all. We provide the perfect first-aid boats Contacts with the market have shown us that the Iguanas with their incredible ability to cross over any type of coast and soil can be formidable first aid boats. What could be better than an Iguana to help rescuers recover a boat or a person in distress by bringing them back to the nearest shore. What could be better than a sheltered Iguana during a hurricane for the next day to save or supply the survivors. What could be better than an Iguana in the event of a flood or fires inaccessible by land, etc. The safety of boaters, passengers and the sea is the vision of Iguana Yachts.


We are at the cutting-edge of technology to craft the future of boating Iguana Yachts is a concentrate of technology. From day one we have bet on technology. When we launched the adventure in 2008, there were few who believed that it was possible to design and manufacture powerful boats at sea, robust, durable and capable of going out and entering the water on any type of coasts. We have established ourselves in the industry as a powerful brand that keeps its promises and makes very beautiful and efficient boats. This is our DNA embodied by our Research Unit, our design office, our craftsmen and all of our teams. We will continue on this path because we believe that there are still today considerable technological opportunities which have not yet been exploited.

A Problem, An Idea, A Solution


The Tides of Normandy Normandy is one of the most tidal region in the world. The Iguana was born from the will to overcome the difficult access to the sea by building the most all terrain amphibious vehicle while still remaining a super capable boat. Navigate With No Constraints The Iguana was founded on one man’s desire to enjoy boating without constraints. A boat which does not need to be anchored, berthed, or trailered is a boat that can be enjoyed anytime anywhere. When Dreams Become Reality When Antoine Brugidou started to talk about his idea of making boats able to land and launch on their own, many looked at him amusedly. Thanks to its tenacity, his solid engineer background, and his passion, today Iguana Yachts is recognized as one of the most innovative and successful company in the marine industry.

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