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Design and architectural elements with a sharp attitude: this is the Sacs mix.

Under the aspiration of a visionary strategy, Sacs has traced the new trends in the sector by inaugurating the era of the maxiribs, which combine the comfort and safety of ribs, with the luxury and design of the yacht.

Sacs Owner is a daring enthusiast with a dynamic, smart, contemporary lifestyle. He wants to own something special and unique that can be separated from the rest, from the masses, from the crowd. He is always looking for his own personal way of living the sea, dominating the waves and fell the taste of freedom.

Sacs, Drive the SEA. COLLECTIONS STRIDER Performance, design and comfort, combined with a surprising personality. However you want to experience the sea, there is the perfect rib for you. NO LIMITS TO YOUR DREAM. REBEL A new nautical concept to experience the sea: Rebel has re-written the rules. BORN TO REBEL.

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